Business Owner

Emma helped me – and continues to – regain my confidence. You would think that someone who has been GM of Seoul and Hong Kong offices for two major PR consultancies; headed an international news outlet’s Asia content team; led Asia communications for a global insurer; and authored two text books would not be lacking in confidence. But we all face times of self-doubt during our lives; particularly when we put so much pressure on ourselves. Through her coaching, gently nudging me to make my own discoveries and ‘ah ha’ moments, Emma has made such a positive difference to both my professional and personal life. Even more important, she has been core to restoring my mental well-being.


Working with Emma has been a life changer. As someone that moved to a new country, to work in a new industry in a job more demanding that any I’ve had before, on top of life in a global pandemic, I came to Emma as someone so low in confidence that I was struggling to even speak up in meetings without being physically overcome by nerves. Emma stripped it all back for me and taught me the importance of baby steps. She showed me that I can trust myself to overcome the nerves, that confidence isn’t something you’re born with, but a state of mind and something you have to work at. She gave me small tasks and held me accountable, and even more, was there to support me through all of the nerve-wracking situations and to celebrate with me once they’d passed. Because of her, I am feeling more confident in this job and in the country I now call home. And little-by-little, I’ve learnt to put myself in situations that scare me, doing new things and meeting new people. And guess what… I’ve overcome the nerves every single time and actually enjoyed them! Thank you, Emma.

Communications Manager
Financial Services

Emma’s Female Confidence Booster workshop was a real eye opener as it taught me how to handle difficult and challenging situations at the workplace, increase my self-confidence and improve my work performance. I highly recommend this workshop to all striving to be a better leader.

Communications Leader
Professional Services

Since attending Emma’s confidence boosting workshop, I have been actively using several of the tools she taught the group and thinking about these concepts which were new to me. It has been liberating to realise that many of my self-perceived shortcomings are pretty universal and there are so many of us walking around with these misconceptions of ourselves.

Global Communications Consultancy

Working with Emma has given me confidence not only in my work, but how work integrates into my life. We’ve collaborated on my leadership style, ways of working with differing corporate characters, effective management and so on.  Emma’s style is patient yet no-nonsense, smart and grounded in real understanding and experience. I’ve enjoyed every session we’ve had so far.

Hong Kong

With Emma’s expert guidance, I got into the right headspace for making a change in my career. She helped build my confidence and challenged me positively by asking insightful questions about what I wanted for my next career step, and why. By making me think about my priorities and analysing my key skills, she prepared me brilliantly for interviews and the journey in general. Emma is goal-orientated yet incredibly supportive and was there to meet or at the end of a phone or email whenever I wanted. Emma was a brilliant sounding board, thanks to her years of recruitment experience and her passion for helping people fulfil their potential.

Hong Kong

Emma’s coaching last year was the foundation and platform for huge systematic and management process upgrades for me. It was hugely valuable and I would love to utilise her expertise again.

Senior Consultant
Training Company

Emma builds great rapport with her client. She asks clear, effective and inspirational questions to provoke different perspectives which supports the client in achieving their goals.

Head of Corporate Communications
Luxury brand, Hong Kong

As the global head of corporate communications for a luxury brand, I have reached the stage in my career when I am thinking about the next step and how to reach C-Suite and Board level. Emma’s coaching dramatically changed by perspective about what is possible; how to be more assertive and to focus on my skills, negotiate more effectively, and even how to deal with challenging personalities in the boardroom. Her understanding of the communications and PR environment is invaluable and I have found the coaching sessions to be life-changing.

Leadership Assessment Company

Emma is a passionate coach who feels and shares the struggles of her client. Her positive and goal-oriented approach encourages her client to have courage in facing their own difficulties and be ready to move forward. She also asks insightful questions that triggers the client to think outside of their comfort zone and gain new perspective.

Global Bank, Hong Kong

Through The Women’s Foundation (TWF) Mentorship Programme, I had the privilege to be surrounded by brilliant, talented and accomplished women mentors but I immediately gravitated towards Emma’s enthusiasm for her work in the recruitment and coaching space, putting her clients’ needs above all else to find the perfect fit for them to reach their maximum potential. Despite coming from different industries, Emma’s inquisitive and persistent mentorship style taught me to always go after my “why”. She always seemed to know the right questions to ask to gently guide me down the best path for me to take; to reassure myself that at times, I had the answers within me all along. Having never been coached before, Emma introduced me to a more targeted approach in addressing my next career moves with tangible and practical action points to try and follow up on. Unfortunately, there is only one of her, but I would want everyone in my personal and professional network to have a chat with Emma for mentoring/coaching/guidance. It’s not often that we come across someone who is so honest, professional and genuinely interested in helping to reach our goals and I am grateful to have had Emma as a mentor, coach and friend.

Independent PR Agency, HK

As an agency head, I run the business, manage the teams and am also client facing. With such a wide range of tasks, my days have the ability to be driven by the latest deadline. Working with Emma as my coach, allows me to step back and refocus on the bigger picture, and put my personal goals and broader agency goals into perspective.  It gives me the opportunity to check in on myself, voice my concerns and assess where I am on my path to those bigger life ambitions. Emma is direct and honest in her feedback, guiding me gently towards seeing what the next best step is for me to be happy in my career. Working with Emma allows me peace of mind, knowing that there is someone who is dedicated to helping me further my life objectives.

Global Marketing Director
MNC, Hong Kong

Emma has offered me an invaluable perspective to enable focus on my professional life. As a result of her recruitment experience she offers a unique insight on what businesses and leaders are looking for to develop and manage talent. She brings clarity to complex situations, and quickly identifies the positives. She is extremely considerate and supportive whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism. I have very much valued Emma’s coaching and support and recommend her to anyone looking for guidance on their next career steps.